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One thing I don’t see here is the booklet Hacking the College Essay.It’s a 35 page booklet but it’s intensely helpful. I give it to all my students but I especially focus on it for my students who can only come up with fairly “boring” topics that won’t help to differentiate them from other students. The /r/teenagers FAQ Academic Resource Masterpost The /r/teenagers FAQ Academic Resource Masterpost This masterpost has links for various academic content, from studying to homework help to assistance on assignments.

Masterlists || Masterposts The Masterlist Database is a collection of useful masterlists & masterposts.Hi, this is another masterpost of the-diary-of-a-failure. This time you’ll find links to posts about lifestyle, mental health... Masterposts for Basically Everything A blog for masterposts of basically everything, and maybe some other useful things.How to: Write a Blowjob/Prepping for SmutSmut Guides of Tumblr Studyblr Masterposts studyblr masterposts. home Message our posts submit Apply archive. Welcome to studyblr masterpost where we are dedicated to sharing every link possible!

Writing Asexuality in Fiction - Masterpost. I’ve finally built up a nice series of essays on writing asexuality and asexual characters in fiction. Here they are, all together in one place. They’re intended to be useful for asexual and non-asexual writers alike. - See, that's what the app is ... ~ essay writing. guide to writing a great essay; HUGE general writing masterpost [including essays] a huuuge essay writing masterpost; how to write a university-level essay; how to connect ur points and ideas: transition words; editing checklist; advice: college application essays; improve ur vocabulary ; check the readibility of ur essay The Diary of a Failure Hi, this is the last masterpost of the-diary-of-a-failure. This time you'll find links to all kind of stuff that didn't make it in any of the other cathegories. MY STUDY TIPS - - Black. Vegan. In College.

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Literature class masterpost. Strong/weak verbs. More essay tips!! MLA format - a how to. ESSAY GRADER. How to avoid essay cliches. Chemistry (I'm taking chem so i have a few resources aha) Da terms on exam papers. Chemistry resources masterpost. Cute periodic tables. Study chapters. History/Social Studies. How to write a history paper

wordpress allows you to directly import whole tumblr blogs, and if i recall correctly it’s something both dreamwidth and pillowfort have said they are working on. All of the masterposts! fruitcroc’s makeup/beauty masterpostbr0k3n-dreamland’s movie/tv masterpostbroadway musicals masterpost. homestuck generators masterpost. tumblr stuff.

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studying is cool!1!1! — hey everyone! so, after creating a ... 13 Nov 2015 ... hemingway [checks the readability of ur essay] ... 3) u have a suggestion for a masterpost [i would love that so go ahead and ask if u do] .... scour Google Images (I like to use the keywords 'tumblr' and 'aesthetic' along with my ... Ace your essays - adelinestudiess adeline's studyblr - Tumblr 14 Oct 2018 ... tips on writing an essay by my history professor by @busy-bizzy-bee · great ... academic phrase masterpost: connecting words by @jwstudying.

Meta Masterpost - A Massive Essay on Eastern European Jewish Life (aka Meta Masterpost on Rebecca Rubin's Background) A History of the Shtetl; Anne of Green Gables Today in History. June 29, 1914: The Beginning of Rilla of Ingleside, The Announcement of Archduke Ferdinand's Assassination/Susan Reads the Newspaper; July 1, 1914: The Battle of the Somme Begins All Aboard The Banter Bus // studying masterpost studying masterpost Hey yo I wanted to make a masterpost of resources which will help you with studying and exams and everything because I can't explain how awesome all this stuff is so yes!! bell hooks masterpost - 🎃hag to crone pipeline🎃 In these twelve essays, bell hooks digs ever deeper into the personal and political consequences of contemporary representations of race and ethnicity within a white supremacist culture. PDF. When women get together and talk about men, the news is almost always bad news," writes bell hooks.